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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 17 1999 5:15pm
Subject:Re: Help adding users
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Thanks for the response.

I have a root user and root user password.  Then I created a user with
all the rights to mysql mysql so that I didn't ahve to login as root all
the time.  The new user has a password as well.  Ok, so then I login as
the new user and not as root.  Then as the new user with all the rights
to mysql mysql I had some new users with passwords etc.  Then I add them
to use the one of the databases.  I do all this through the mysql mysql
Then I do a mysqladmin reload.  It seems that all the new users can only
access the database I added them to without using their password.  If
they use the passwords I gave them then I get access denied?

Should I just add new users as root and not the user I created that has
all privledges?


PS:  Has anyone created forms for adding users and changing privledges?
I know if the book it mentions several graphic user interface programs
and scripts.  It seems that these should already exist?



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