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From:william wang Date:March 6 2003 3:16am
Subject:very slow mysql server, help please
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Hi All:
I have three web server (DUAL 1.4 G MHZ, 1G RAM) connect to one mysql 
database server (DUAL 2.2 G MHZ, 2 G RAM), SSL accelerator and a load 
balancer. All those servers are FreeBSD. For some reason, mysql server can 
be easily max out without many users. Also there are many processes in sleep 
(some of them has been put in sleep for over 3000 seconds.)

My database has nearly 140 tables, but there are less than 10000 recorders. 
Database file size is about 3M. One of the table has a BLOB field (Hold some 
images for my web server.). I am using mysql_pconnect() (Of cause, I tried 
mysql_connect(), but it's does not make big different.).

Question 1: Does sleeping processes slow down database server?
Question 2: Any ideas, why is the database so slow?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and for Reading my message.


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very slow mysql server, help pleasewilliam wang6 Mar