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From:Seth Brundle Date:March 6 2003 1:35am
Subject:some gamma-gatcha sqlbench stats
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I just built a P4 3.06 1GB DDR 333 15k U160 SCSI MySQL Linux server.

I was dissapointed because I couldnt get the dual-channel DDR 400 MB I tried
first to run stable :(
dual-channel memory controllers definitely made a slight difference on the
benchmarks with the same ram.

      alter-table  2
      ATIS  13
      big-tables  11
      insert  736
      select  424
      wisconsin  3

I havent really tuned the server yet.
BTW I have a 1.4GB table with a 648MB fulltext index.
If anyone has server tuning settings for me, I'd like to hear em.
I have the key_buffer at 500MB, bout all I've done so far.

Next I am going to try compiling MySQL and DBI/DBD with the Intel 7.0
This compiler produced a 21% faster Perl for me then gcc.
some gamma-gatcha sqlbench statsSeth Brundle6 Mar