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From:Jonathan Arnold Date:March 5 2003 4:17pm
Subject:HAVING vs. WHERE
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In the MySQL reference, it warns against using HAVING for items
that "should" be in a WHERE clause. I'm not sure what items
"should" be in a WHERE clause.

My exact problem is I want to select some records that have a
dotted IP address as one of the fields. And I want to filter out
the multicast addresses, which are the addresses that begin with
the numbers in the range of 224. thru 239. This does it:

SELECT * FROM Client WHERE left(inetAdr,instr(inetAdr,"."))< 224
     OR left(inetAdr,instr(inetAdr,".")) > 239

and this works as well:

SELECT *,left(inetAdr,instr(inetAdr,".")) as ia FROM Client HAVING ia < 224
     OR ia > 239

and it is a little cleaner, although as I'm going to be doing this in a
PHP script, cleanliness isn't all that important.

So I guess I have 2 questions:

1] Which should I use?
2] Is this the easiest way to check for the multicast address?

Jonathan Arnold     (mailto:jdarnold@stripped)
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