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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 4 2003 4:13am
Subject:Re: Data query by date
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At 13:53 +1000 3/4/03, Throbware Support wrote:
>Hi all.
>I have spent some time studying the manual and previous posts, trying to get
>a grip on the whole date_format issue...  I am VERY new to MySQL having been
>converted from an ADO/DAO environment with Access dBs...
>Where I am having trouble is coming up for a syntax to
>FROM tableA
>WHERE ba_id_num = 'ABC12345'
>AND ba_make_date = '2003-25-2'
>ba_id_num = varchar(8)
>ba_make_date = datetime
>Even though I can see several rows from the CC, the query returns 0...  I
>have unsuccessfully attempted to use the DATE_FORMAT function also.  Any
>hint of where I am going wrong would be greatly appreciated ;-)

Well, for one thing, if ba_make_date is a DATETIME column, you're comparing
it to what looks like a DATE value.  That may make a difference, if the
ba_make_date values don't have 00:00:00 in the time part.

What's the "CC" you're referring to?

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