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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 2:26pm
Subject:MySQL 3.23.3, russian characters and LIKE
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>>>>> "Khimenko" == Khimenko Victor <khim@stripped> writes:

Khimenko> LIKE does not work with russian characters in MySQL 3.23.3 :-/ Here is the
> fix.
Khimenko> Problem is in comparision `likeconv(*str) != cmp' on line 583...

Khimenko> I'm not sure if it's correct fix but at least I can use LIKE now :-)

Khimenko> --- sql/
Khimenko> +++ sql/
Khimenko> @@ -518,7 +518,7 @@
Khimenko>        if (str == str_end)
Khimenko>  	return result;
Khimenko> -      char cmp;
Khimenko> +      uchar cmp;
Khimenko>        if ((cmp= *wildstr) == escape && wildstr+1 != wildend)
Khimenko>  	cmp= *++wildstr;
Khimenko>  #ifdef USE_BIG5CODE


Could you try this instead:

Change the likeconv macros to:

#define likeconv(A) (char) toupper(A)
#define likeconv(A) (char) my_sort_order[(uchar) (A)]

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