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From:Douglas Brantz Date:September 17 1999 12:17pm
Subject:Help adding users
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Hello, resending because I did not get any response on this.
> I have purchase the Msql & MySQL book and it is great.  I am currently

> on the chapter about The Mysql Mysql database "permissions" and adding

> users etc.
> I have created a user and I created a database as this user and this
first user has a password
> to access the database.  I even have a form on the web where this user

> fills in the username and password so that the database can be
> and the info from the form is inserted.
> This works great and I was wondering if this is a good way to protect
> the database by having the user supply username and password so in the

> form I have $USERNAME and $PASSWORD so in the CGI script I use
> my $dbh=mysql->connect("host","database","$username","$password");
> My thought was to have multiple users use the same form and enter
> username and passwords.
> My problem is that everytime I create a new user and allow that user
> access to that database I can't use the password because it gives me
> error.  Even at the command line I have to access the database with
> username only and if I try to use the password option I get an error
> acces denied.  What is happening?  Then I check everything out with
> mysqlaccess -d "database" -u "user"
> It tells me that anyone can access the database with the new user
> It also says that the username is not relevent and anyone can use
> anonymous
> How do I create new users that can access a database with a password?
> Because this is happening even though I am putting a password in the
> password field of the new user.
> Should I be giving grant permissions to the new users?  How do you use

> the grant statement?  Is it from the mysqladmin ?   I tried grant
> databasename.* user?
> Thanks  in advance.
> Douglas


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