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From:Diana Soares Date:February 28 2003 12:27pm
Subject:UDF and mysql binary distr
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For the busy ones, here's my question (then i explain): is it possible
to add an UDF to a binary distr (.rpm for RH-8, downloaded from ?

I'm having problems in creating an UDF (i create but when a use it
mysqld restarts automatically). I've already created UDF functions in
the past, i think i was lucky....

I've been reading the manual and now i'm really confused..
There says:
"...For the UDF mechanism to work, functions must be written in C or C++
and your operating system must support dynamic loading. ..."
"...For mysqld to be able to use UDF functions, you should configure
MySQL with --with-mysqld-ldflags=-rdynamic ..."

I saw the spec that came with MySQL-3.23.53 and there is

So, i assumed that i could not create the UDF with this binary distr. 
Since i would have to compile mysql, i thought in adding a native
function instead of an UDF. But then i read this:
"...You can add UDFs to a binary MySQL distribution. Native functions
require you to modify a source distribution..."

May i add UDFs to a binary MySQL distr, and keep upgrading mysql only
using the rpms or do i must get the source and compile it with
.....=rdynamic ?

Thank you very much,

Diana Soares

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