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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:February 28 2003 11:39am
Subject:Re: MySQL 4.0.11 is released
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On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Benjamin Pflugmann wrote:

> On Wed 2003-02-26 at 18:36:07 +0100, lenz@stripped wrote:
> [...]
> > As Mark has already stated, this is a typo - it should have read "GAMMA"
> > instead. Sorry for the confusion.
> Would you mind to elaborate a bit on the current state of the 4.0
> cycle? Since Monty suggested in the 4.0.8 release announcement that
> 4.0.9 will be declared stable if no major problems arise with 4.0.8, I
> am a little bit suprised that we are still at gamma with 4.0.11.
> I understand that 4.0.9 was a quick after-release in order to fix the
> problem with hostname resolving, which affected a lot of people.
> I am not aware of a major bug fix which led to 4.0.10, but there were
> so much small changes.
> For 4.0.11, I could guess that the change in NULL sorting behaviour is
> the major thing.
> So, well, I think my question is, is that really the way I described
> and the stable release is only a little step away (and only delayed by
> what could be called bad luck) or is there a more general issue I am
> missing?
> As I said, a summary of the current state and your thoughts on next
> releases would be fine; I don't expect any binding statements. :)

I've now discussed this with Monty and he decided that 4.0.12 will be the
first one declared as "stable". We did not do it for 4.0.11, mainly
because of the NULL sorting behaviour change, for which we wanted to get
some feedback and testing first (as you already assumed).

We're now focusing on getting our first alpha release of 4.1.0 done - as
soon as this one is out (hopefully next week), 3.23.56 and 4.0.12 are next
in my queue (not sure in which order).

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