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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 28 2003 2:37am
Subject:Re: Load data infile warnings?!?! STILL not in 4.1?
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At 19:08 -0500 2/27/03, jasontitus@stripped wrote:
>After wrestling to get everything set up with 4.1, it looks like it 
>still does not give the VITAL information of what problems were 
>encountered in data loads (on 4.1 2/25/03) -
>  mysql> load data infile 
>'/Users/jason/Desktop/Hoodata/' into table tri;
>  Query OK, 91515 rows affected (3.27 sec)
>  Records: 91515  Deleted: 0  Skipped: 0  Warnings: 5559
>  mysql> show warnings;
>  Empty set (0.00 sec)
>  mysql> show errors;
>  Empty set (0.00 sec)
>When will this ever be fixed?  I do not know a SINGLE MySQL DBA who 
>has not cursed this lacking as a fundamental design flaw.  Not a 
>'wouldn't it be nice' feature, but a 'oh my god, you must be kidding 
>me' kind of problem..  It continues to make DBAs lives difficult. 
>Even Oracle got this one right.
>The periodic suggestion of just 'select'ing into an outfile and 
>comparing doesn't work too well for most folks who are dealing with 
>text fields that may have had trailing spaces, dates in other 
>formats, decimal/float numbers that may be displayed differently, 
>etc.  It is truly a nightmare that seems to never be resolved.

Well, while you're waiting, and if you have Perl DBI installed,
have a look here:

>Is this on track for MySQL 2020, or should I just give up and learn 
>to love Oracle and SQL-Plus?
>p.s. - I am not an ungrateful user of Open Source.  For years I was 
>a paying MySQL customer and felt confident that this issue would be 
>resolved (since it was on the 'Things That Must be Done in the Near 
>Future' list), but three or four years later it is still there.

Load data infile warnings?!?! STILL not in 4.1?jasontitus28 Feb
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