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From:Seth Brundle Date:February 26 2003 8:00pm
Subject:copying databases to avoid insert holdups
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I have a MySQL database I will be launching soon which has a search engine
database accesable over DBI/mod_perl/Apace. It has about 2M records, and is
a 4GB table with 1GB index.

Every day I insert 76k records all at once and delete about another 76k.
While these inserts are happening, the select performance is obviously

What I want to do is to have two copies of the database, copying the updated
version to the publicly-accessable one, i.e.:

mysql stop
rm -rf /mysql/data/publicdbdir
copy -r mysql/data//insertdbdir mysql/data/publicdbdir
mysql start

My question is this:
Is this enough to prevent me from experiencing slow inserts and queries
during insert, or should I be firing up two seperate servers?

Also - if I create the MyISM tables on 3.23, can copy them to a 4.0.10
server's data directory? (the reason i ask is that I have a 3.23 server
available on that box)


copying databases to avoid insert holdupsSeth Brundle26 Feb
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