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From:Benjamin Pflugmann Date:February 26 2003 7:34pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 4.0.11 is released
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On Wed 2003-02-26 at 18:36:07 +0100, lenz@stripped wrote:
> As Mark has already stated, this is a typo - it should have read "GAMMA"
> instead. Sorry for the confusion.

Would you mind to elaborate a bit on the current state of the 4.0
cycle? Since Monty suggested in the 4.0.8 release announcement that
4.0.9 will be declared stable if no major problems arise with 4.0.8, I
am a little bit suprised that we are still at gamma with 4.0.11.

I understand that 4.0.9 was a quick after-release in order to fix the
problem with hostname resolving, which affected a lot of people.

I am not aware of a major bug fix which led to 4.0.10, but there were
so much small changes.

For 4.0.11, I could guess that the change in NULL sorting behaviour is
the major thing.

So, well, I think my question is, is that really the way I described
and the stable release is only a little step away (and only delayed by
what could be called bad luck) or is there a more general issue I am

As I said, a summary of the current state and your thoughts on next
releases would be fine; I don't expect any binding statements. :)



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