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From:Daniele Lo Re Date:February 26 2003 6:35pm
Subject:Mysql Update
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Hi everybody

I sent a couple of mail recently, asking some help for some strange
behaviour with select and updates.
I hope many of you have read it...the problem was that making a 

SELECT something FROM table WHERE 'Where_Clause'

gave some results, >0.

the query:

UPDATE table SET something WHERE 'THe_Same_Clause_As_Before'


0 matching rows, 0 rows changed.

that seemed to me strange, so that I started to investigate about my
tables and indexes.

I was using Mysql-4.0.1-alpha.

I decided to update, switching to version 4.0.11-gamma.

The problem has disappeared!

Maybe it was a bug.

I hope this can be useful for someone.


Mysql UpdateDaniele Lo Re26 Feb