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From:Sheryl Canter Date:February 26 2003 3:56pm
Subject:Re: Help needed with SQL...
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I've never seen opening a table twice and then doing a join back with
itself. Am I wording this correctly? Is that how to describe what you're

Thanks for posting this to the full list.

    - Sheryl

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On 26-Feb-2003 Jun.Han@stripped wrote:
> Yes , I had use this query statement in my MySQL server,
> But I have a query about it.
> Why are you use "WHERE a.groupname=b.groupname AND
> AND a.memberid=1"?
> Can you give me a explain or give me a advise!


mysql> SELECT DISTINCT members.* FROM members, groups as a, groups as b
    -> WHERE a.groupname=b.groupname AND
    -> AND a.memberid=1;

The 'a.memberid=1' clause looks up the groups that member 1 belongs to in
groups table (as a), giving 'group1' & 'group2'.

Then it joins back against the groups table (as b) with the
'a.groupname=b.groupname' clause to get the folks that belong to these

Finally the '' bit selects the records out of the
table, with the DISTINCT function suppressing any duplicates.

Clear as mud?

(I could've be a little more obvious if I'd put the 'a.memberid=1' clause
first. Sorry ...)

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