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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 17 1999 12:13am
Subject:tar.gz for sunos
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike ALmogy <lizard@stripped> writes:

Mike> Hi list.
Mike> I got the MySQL database for SUN 2.* from MySQL mirror site at
Mike> site.
Mike> There is was told that there is a bug in the SUN tar program and that i
Mike> need to  use the gtar-sparc.gz in order to untar the program.
Mike> Ok, i downloaded the gtar-sparc.gz program, what's next ?
Mike> I can't gunzip it since it says that it is not a gzip file (or an error)

Mike> What do i need to do i n order to install the MySQL database,
Mike> Development and client on SunOS ?


How did you download it?

On the TCX site gtar-sparc.gz is a gzip file:

$ file Solaris/gmake-sparc.gz
Solaris/gmake-sparc.gz: gzip compressed data - deflate method , original file name , max
$ gunzip -v -t Solaris/gmake-sparc.gz
Solaris/gmake-sparc.gz:  OK        
$ sum Solaris/gmake-sparc.gz
01331   129                          

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