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From:Bill Allaire Date:February 26 2003 3:36pm
Subject:Re: Using 3.23 and Delphi 6
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I'm not sure offhand if Delphi 6 supports MySQL through the DB Express 
drivers (Kylix 3 does).  If so, you can go that route.  Otherwise:

You can get libaries such as the one from Core Lab:

or you can use ODBC drivers which you can find here:

There aren't any special tips I can think of.  Connecting to MySQL via 
Delphi with any of the above is straightforward and the same as 
connecting to any other DB with Delphi.  So far with both Delphi version 
5 & 7, all the data aware controls work just fine with either the 
library (which I use all of the time now) or the ODBC drivers.  You do 
still need to use a DataSource component with the Core Lab library if 
you are showing data in any of the data aware controls.  For example to 
show some data in a grid with the Core Lab library:
   MyConnection -> TMyQuery (also to a database) -> DataSource -> DBGrid

Bill Allaire
Polytop Corporation

The Glide wrote:

>I am currently trying to use mysql 3.23 for a database project and connect
>to it using a Delphi 6 front end. Can anyone tell me how the connect to a
>MySQL database and any other tips they might have on using Delphi 6 with
>MySQL.  I have never used MySql before and so the information needs to be
>pretty specific.
>Hope someone can help
>Clive Glasgow

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