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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 24 2003 3:04am
Subject:Re: additions to mysqlimport?
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At 16:50 -0800 2/23/03, Ray Kiddy wrote:
>Hello -
>I am curious what extensions to mysqlimport people might be 
>interested in seeing.
>I am importing some data with inconsistencies and and I find that 
>mysqlimport helps one not at all. It seems to me that there are 
>things it could do.
>For example:
>-rejected_lines=<filename> : would put all lines that generated 
>errors or warnings in a separate file.
>--verbose : it could actually be verbose and list out all warnings 
>and errors. I know this is a shocking suggestion, but hey, let's be 


>--no_insert : this would allow one to pre-flight data without 
>actually causing the insert to happen, as -n does for make.

See above.

>--lines-commented-out-by=... : pretty obvious
>--terminate-on=<word> : deleted, skipped, or warning, for example, 
>if you want to stop if there is even one warning.
>Any other ideas? I am thinking of trying to extend it myself and am 
>open to suggestions.

You may find it's not quite as easy as you think.

>thanx - ray

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