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From:Steve Petersen Date:February 21 2003 3:38am
Subject:MySQLGUI connection
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Hi MySQL folks,

I'm very excited to try MySQLGUI.  Unfortunately for some reason I can't 
connect to the database.  I'm running MySQLGUI 1.7.5-1, the linux static 
version, on RedHat 8.0.  It opens fine, but when I enter the password I 
just get this error:

    Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '' (111)

My main database is for mp3 files, 'ddj_mp3'.  It has a user 'ddj' set 
up with a password.  I set up the options in MySQLGUI to use 'ddj_mp3' 
as the default database, with 'ddj' as the user.  When I type 'mysql -u 
ddj -p' on a commandline, I can connect fine.

What do you think might be wrong?

Thanks for your help, and for what looks like it could be a very useful 
Steve Petersen

MySQLGUI connectionSteve Petersen21 Feb
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