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From:Scott Mackie Date:March 12 1999 11:53pm
Subject:NFS and MYSQL
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From the mail archives, it seems that a Mysql database mounted on a NFS
with one write daemon and multiple read daemons, is deemed stable. We
wish to use this concept with the database residing on a NetApp with
multiple read only machines accessing it and only one doing inserts and
updates. It seems Linux is suspect, but Solaris and IRIX are fine for
this type of set up. What I want to know if anyone has tried this with
BSDI 3 or 4?

We have had great success with BSDI and Mysql, with tables over a
million lines and 10 indexes never corrupting. However, my knowledge of
NFS is not excessive. I believe there are two parameters 'locked' and
'statd' that need to be considered for the above plan.

Also, should the daemons on the read-only boxes be set to read only
through Mysql's permission tables or is there a option in the config
file for this? Also what exactly does the option --skip-locking flag do?

Any help is greatly welcomed.
PS. I've subscribed to the newgroup but haven't started receiving
messages so a CC email to my email account along with the new's groups
would be appreciated.

Scott Mackie
Virtual Service Inc.

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