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From:Jerry Date:February 19 2003 3:01pm
Subject:Re: Sequential read on a file
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Use and id column, like an auto increment one and use that in the html you
are writing out +1 or -1 to get the next.


"select id, X, X, X from table where id=1"

returns 1, value of X, value of X, value of X etc etc etc

then in the html use the id .
<a href="wizzyScript.php?id=2">Next</a>

need some error checking for less than 0 and finding out what the max is.

Most lightly going to be something in here :

Is it a case of one rows worth of information from the dB per page/request ?

Jerry @
dot Net

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Subject: Sequential read on a file

> Hi,
> Newbie here so please bear with me.
> I am running  MySQL 3.23.22 with PHP4.01 on WinNT client / Linux host,
> everything is working okay and I'm just getting to grips with some basic
> database handling.
> Although I can use mysql_query to get a list of records using "Select *
> `mydata`" - for what we are looknig at, we also need a basic Next/Prev
> stepping capability on a record per record basis.
> I realise this can be done just grabbing all records and then moving
> the rows, but we are also looknig at picking up each record individually.
> I have had some success using "count(*)" to get the last record, then
> stepping through with "limit $x,1" in the select, where $x is decremented
> incremented based on which button is pressed.
> I cannot seem to find any simply "read next" or "read previous" type
> though. Is the way I am going about it "right" or is there a more
> simple/logical method?
> My main concern is that, with the key being auto-increment, as records are
> added and removed from the database, as simple +1/-1 may fall over.
> -Colin
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