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From:Richard Nagle Date:February 18 2003 6:39pm
Subject:Printing out tables...tip
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Since my original posting, asking how to:
"print out tables in mysql" via out put to a printer.

Thanks to all that responded, big thanks to Edward!

Here is the tip for all Mac users, running 10.2.x and mysql.

goto: http://localhost:631/ ( this program is built-in on 10.2 )
its called CUPS, goto manage printers, and see what name is given for
your printer. ( write it down ) in mine, its: _192_168_0_11

lets say you db is call Contacts, and you have a table in contacts call 
this first thing is do the following:

mysql> \P lpr -P _192_168_0_11 (Hit Enter)
PAGER set to lpr -P _192_168_0_11
mysql> select * from phone;
6 row in set (0.08 sec)

mysql \n
It sends output to the screen again.  Use it when you want to stop 
all of that output to the printer.

Happy printing,

Printing out tables...tipRichard Nagle18 Feb