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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 17 2003 8:26pm
Subject:Re: MySQL DB structure for scrolling list
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>>I am in the process of designing a form and I am a little confused.
>>I would like to have a scrolling window, in which the user can 
>>select multiple
>>items. For example, the scrolling window may contain operating 
>>systems, and the
>>user has the ability to select multiple OS's (using the Control-Click
>>to describe themselves.
>>I am unsure how this data should be stored. I am using a MyISAM 
>>table, but I am
>>unsure about the type of field this information should be stored in. And,
>>when the individual
>>wants to update the information, how it should be displayed.
>>Any advice would be appreciated.

Take a look at the sample chapter available here:

It discusses writing form-based web apps that use MySQL.

It's written with Perl in mind, but much of the discussion focuses on
principles and HTML, and thus tends to be relatively language-neutral.

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