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From:Jay J Date:September 16 1999 7:36am
Subject:Re: update and $dbh->quote
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From: Jesse <jesse@stripped>
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Subject: Re: update and $dbh->quote

> At 01:14 AM 9/16/99 -0500, Jay J wrote:
> >> hi,
> >>   i'm trying to do this with DBD::mysql:
> >>
> >> $quo_mesg = $dbh->quote($message) or &error;
> >> $dbh->do("update email set $column = '$quo_mesg'
> >>           where username = '$recipiant'");
> >>
> >>
> >> and  DBI::errstr is giving me an error i don't
> >> understand.  Is it okay to use quote with and update statment?
> >
> >Which "error I don't understand" would that be?
> >
> >Sure it's okay .. AMOF in that snippit, DBI::quote has nothing to do with
> >the update.
> Actually, I think it has a lot to do with it!

I stand corrected, technically speaking..

Given that the original post failed to note what the error was or where it
was blowing up, what I should* have said is: if $dbh->quote() is failing in
line 1 (like undefined $dbh) .. that has nothing to do with line 2.

The problem is the fact that '$quo_mesg' is doubly-single-quoted.. your
solution for inline concating definately works (unless $recipiant is already
quoted also..)

What the original poster might find helpful is to split things up:

    my $sql = q!UPDATE email SET !  . $column . q! = ! .
    $sql .= q! WHERE username = ! . $dbh->quote($recipiant);
    my $rc = $dbh->do($sql);

    ... test for $rc, or error .. etc.. etc..

I guess it's too late to hope this thread will evoke a more descriptive
error message from the orginal post..

-Jay J

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