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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 14 2003 11:00pm
Subject:RE: Re: Load Data Infile problem.
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At 16:53 -0600 2/14/03, Webmaster MBT wrote:
>Haven't been able to identify it yet... I'm attaching the file so maybe
>someone can help me with this.

Well, it's your data file.  You should know what the line terminators are.

>BTW, how do I tell the command what is the ending symbol?

Add a LINES TERMINATED BY clause at the appropriate spot in the LOAD
DATA statement.  Common ones are:

For newlines (common on Unix):


For carriage returns (common on Mac OS):


For carriage return/linefeed pairs (common on DOS/Windows):


Note that you may need to double the \ characters to get them passed
through PHP properly to MySQL.

>Thanks in advance.
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>De: Paul DuBois [mailto:paul@stripped]
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>>The thing is that it will import one, and skip one full record each time.
>>But the one it inserts, is correctly inserted with the ; and the decimal
>>point correct. Any idea why it might be pasing one row and adding one?
>This is typically a problem of not having the line-ending terminator
>specified correctly.  What's the line-ending sequence that you're
>using in your file?
>sql, query

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