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From:Steve Edberg Date:February 13 2003 11:52pm
Subject:RE: Row numbers
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At 12:31 PM 2/13/03 , Luc Foisy wrote:
> > > I still don't understand do you mean the "actual" row
> > number or just a
> > > display number.
> > > > There is no relevant data or use to this number.
> > > > It is the row number of the returned result set, purely
> > > > for display.
>That means no field exists or should exist in the database. I only want to 
>generate at query time.
>I can't use an autoincrement field since that wont work very well with 
>results that are returned out of order and maybe not with all the data.
>Using variables is the best response to my question. I just dislike using 
>them cause they are ugly to work with because of the session persistance 
>and because I have to issue multiple queries to do the job.
>I only want to issue one query.

Extending my previous email, you could use the fact that undefined 
variables are null to combine

         set @x=0;
         select (@x:=@x+1) as row_number,name,tag_length from library_master;

into one query:

         select if(isnull(@x),@x:=1,@x:=@x+1) as row_number,name,tag_length 
from library_master;

Of course, you'll need to rest @x back to null (or 0) if you want to run 
this query again in the same session...

And as far as ugly, well - eye of the beholder, and all that stuff ;)


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