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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 13 2003 5:09pm
Subject:RE: Create database via ODBC
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At 16:40 +0000 2/13/03, cjanders@stripped wrote:
>If that is done with the engine already running, will the DB be recognized
>without a restart?


>Also - do you happen to know if I am able to determine where the mysql/data
>directory resides from a given DB connection?   It will not always be the same
>location for the different installs that are going to be converted.

You can ask the server to tell you its data directory location by issuing
this query:


For the installation directory, use 'basedir' rather than 'datadir'.

>>  It's dead simple to create a MySQL database -- it's just a directory under
>>  mysql\data. If you want to do it from Access, just determine where the
>>  mysql\data directory is and then create the subdirectory.
>>  Hth,
>>  Arthur
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>>  Subject: Create database via ODBC
>>  I have an application which is being converted from access to mysql, and
>>  have
>>  the need to create a second database under the mysql implementation.  Is
>>  there
>>  a way that i can create this second database via an ODBC object, or do I
>>  need
>>  to at least specify the database be created as part of the conversion
>>  process?
>>  Thanks
>  > Carlin Anderson

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