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From:Artem Koutchine Date:February 12 2003 3:27pm
Subject:Re: Very slow select query with IN(...)
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No, I do not believe that MHZ is the bottle neck.  Basically,
we can ignore that this is a dual box, because it is a
FREEBSD and only one CPU runs a whole process.
650Mhz is enough for doing a little web search engine and
I have seen a lot of applications which use the same technology
(vocabulary table <-> word index table <-> document table)
for seaching GIGABYTES of documents and everything runs
very fast (about 5 seconds for 1Gig of documents).  FULLTEXT
does not do morphology. That is word forms as well
as synonims (i am actually working with Russian language
where words change in many ways depending if it is
plural, male, female, etc).

Actually, i cannot belive that it takes mysql 2 seconds
to select 120 records from a table with two ints with
230000 records with a index. This just sounds unreal.

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> But you're not using the word search engine, which would be the full
> text index. I'm not sure what you mean by "morphology". MySQL 4 full
> text searches support a lot of things, including using * as the
> truncation operator.
> Aside from that, perhaps it's the speed of your processor that
> bottlenecking you. I know Xeon is a server chip, but in your case
> might be the best way to go since you are only doing one thing.
> On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 07:50 AM, Artem Koutchine wrote:
> > I don't understand what I am doing wrong, since i thought it is
> > a basic technology behind any word search engine.
> >
> > I really do not want to use fulltext search because it does not
> > do any morphology and some other stuff that I need.
> >
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