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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 16 1999 12:05am
Subject:Problem Using mysqlshow with underscore in table name
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>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Pasich <npasich@stripped> writes:

Nick>   A minor problem with 3.23.2-alpha when using mysqlshow with an 
Nick>   underscore '_' in the table name. It interprets it as a 
Nick>   wildcard........

Nick>   I seem to remember this problem being addressed in the past with
Nick>   the fix included in this version (3.23.2-alpha).................

Nick>   Thanks again you guys for doing an outstanding job..............

Nick>                          -----( Nick )-----

nick> mysqlshow -h NICK2 traffic

Nick> Database: traffic
Nick> +----------------+
Nick> |     Tables     |
Nick> +----------------+
Nick> | acode          |
Nick> | acodep         |
Nick> | bcmsblk        |
Nick> | blocked        |
Nick> | blockedHistory |
Nick> | bulk_all       |
Nick> | bulk_all2      |
Nick> +----------------+

nick> mysqlshow -h NICK2 traffic bulk_all2

Nick> Database: traffic  Wildcard: bulk_all2
Nick> +-----------+
Nick> |  Tables   |
Nick> +-----------+
Nick> | bulk_all2 |
Nick> +-----------+


The problem was the above behaveour was a request by some MySQL users
and are the default behaveour :(

With mysqlshow you can now use both the shell wildcards (* ?) and the sql
wildcards (% and _)

Note that you can always fool this behaveour by adding an explicit
wildcard last (to match columns):

mysqlshow -h NICH traffic bulk_all2 %


Problem Using mysqlshow with underscore in table nameNick Pasich12 Sep
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