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From:Thimble Smith Date:September 15 1999 11:57pm
Subject:Re: newbie question
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At 07:55, 19990916, Isfarazi wrote:
>Is it OK if there are 100+ users accessing the same table at once and
>doing inserting, updating at the same time?

It's okay.  But they won't be doing it "at the same time" - MySQL will
lock the tables implicitly for reading/writing when a client is
selecting/inserting,updating,deleting.  So you don't program for it,
it's handled automatically.

If you need multiple actions on a table to be atomic, you can use LOCK
TABLES to explicitly do those locks.  You can avoid that need often by
doing incremental updates (e.g., SET foo=foo+1) and using auto_increment
keys w/ the LAST_ID() function.

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