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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 15 1999 11:25pm
Subject:Re: ADO with MySQL
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>>>>> "Shakya" == Shakya Jones <shakya@stripped> writes:

Shakya> Thanks Jeff and others for guiding me to MyODBC. One question though - do
Shakya> you know if I will pay a significant performance penalty for going in
Shakya> through MyODBC? I have one app that will use the Delphi visual components -
Shakya> I'm not so worried about that - since's it's interactive, a performance hit
Shakya> may not show too much. My other use for Delphi/MySQL is to write a web
Shakya> server app in Delphi against a MySQL database. That needs to be fast and I
Shakya> know it would be faster to just use one of the Delphi wrapper packages
Shakya> available for the MySQL functions. But my preference is to use the Delphi
Shakya> TDataset object oriented component approach that I'm used to as a Delphi
Shakya> programmer, which works with ADO, thus requiring MyODBC - but only if the
Shakya> performance tradeoff is not HUGE. What do you think?

Shakya> Thanks,
Shakya> Shakya


The performance penalty for using MyODBC is about 19 %.
(This is measured by running the MySQL benchmarks suite)

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