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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 8 2003 10:26pm
Subject:Re: Can MySQL work on Windows XP?
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At 10:55 +0100 2/7/03, Stefan Hinz wrote:
>MB> "The start up looks good: when I use the Run function
>MB> C:\mysql\bin\mysqld-shareware.exe, the black DOS box comes and goes, but
>MB> I'm getting this error when using the  MySQL test script (See below):
>I didn't know MySQL was shareware, well ...

Used to be, a long time ago.  I wouldn't be surprised if the problem is
due to running a really old server.  An upgrade to the current version
(using Stefan's instructions below) may solve the problem nicely.

>  The problem you describe
>is caused by mysqld (the MySQL server) not running. If it's not
>running, you can't connect to it, of course.
>MB> Has anyone in this discussion group had success getting MySQL to work on
>MB> Windows XP?
>No problem at all. I suggest you get the MySQL distribution from the
>MySQL web site (, and install it under c:\mysql (this
>is the setup default). After installation (this is all done by simply
>clicking setup.exe, but make sure you have the appropriate privileges
>under XP), cd to c:\mysql\bin (Win Explorer or DOS windows, as you
>like) and start winmysqladmin.exe. This will place a traffic light
>icon in the system tray. Clicking this, you can choose "WinNT >
>Install the service", and then "WinNT > Start the service". This will
>set up a service named "Mysql" that starts automatically at system
>To test if mysqld is up and running, cd to c:\mysql\bin and start
>mysql.exe. This should give you a prompt "mysql> ". If the DOS window
>keeps disappearing, it means your mysqld is still not running. In this
>case, you should cd in a DOS window to c:\mysql\bin and issue:
>mysqld --console --standalone
>This will show you any errors that occur during mysqld start so you
>can find out what the problem is.
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