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From:Michael T. Babcock Date:February 7 2003 4:45pm
Subject:Re: MySQL IMAP Server
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Ben Clewett wrote:

> I was rather trying to find an IMAP server using MySQL.  Ie, somewhere 
> to store my millions of email messages, from many execlent mailing 
> lists, and get at them fast...

What you want is the Courier-IMAP mail server which uses the Maildir 
format to store its messages, running on ReiserFS.

Maildir is a one file per message storage format for more reliability 
and faster message finding because of ReiserFS which uses very fast 
B+-type tree searching of filenames.

See for more information.

(This is what I use, and I have hundreds of thousands of E-mails in IMAP 
format, some of my clients, using the same servers have gigabytes of 
E-mails stored this way and find it to be faster than local storage).

Michael T. Babcock
C.T.O., FibreSpeed Ltd.

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