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From:Keith C. Ivey Date:February 7 2003 4:19pm
Subject:Re: backslash before newline
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On 6 Feb 2003, at 8:58, Michael Boudreau wrote:

>     mysql> select review into outfile '/tmp/MS55038rev1.txt' from
> MsReviews where
>     msid=55038 and msreviewid=1;
>     Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
>     mysql> quit
>     Bye
> The newline seems to have had a "\" (backslash, octal 134) inserted
> before it:
>     mss (mrb)% more /tmp/MS55038rev1.txt
>     123\
>     456

That's normal.  If you don't specify any output options, the end of 
each record is marked with a newline, and backslash is used as the 
escape character to mark any newlines that are actually part of the 
data.  It's explained in the documentation, mainly in the LOAD DATA 

Without the backslashes, how will you know where the record ends?

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