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From:Dan Rossi Date:February 7 2003 8:23am
Subject:RE: Mysql 4 production quality
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yes i am aware that sub selects are in 4.1, i'm pretty sure  i have it
running @ home, there are some large traffic sites i would like to lighten
up and make a bit faster code wise with query caching and sub selects, but i
havent been told what "gamma" means ?

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From: Josh Trutwin [mailto:josh@stripped]
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Subject: Re: Mysql 4 production quality

> hi there i was wondering if mysql 4 will become production quality soon
> ? i would like to convince work to start using it, so i can start using
> the transactions, sub selects and query cache

I don't think MySQL 4.0 has sub-selects, that's 4.1.

I've been using 4.0 on two different ISPs for a few months without
incident, but the apps are not very complicated...


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