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From:Daevid Vincent Date:February 7 2003 1:28am
Subject:Is there a SQL/diff program out there?
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I searched google, but didn't find anything. 


Wondering if anyone knows of, or has built, or is interested in building
a program that will take two .sql schema dumps (one new and one old) and
create the ALTER / CREATE TABLE syntax to make the old one look like the
new one. It should work in such a way that it doesn't matter if the
table's schema are in the same order or not.


We do a lot of development on our dev server and this involves creating
new fields in the databases and even new tables. We have to manually go
through using a script and update all the 'live' databases then so they
jive with our dev environment. It's quite tedious to remember all that's
changed and manually make the 'alter table' syntax ourselves.

I'm surprised this isn't a more common tool request and it doesn't exist
already -- at least none that I can find. There are ten million mySQL
graphical clients out there, you'd think one of them would have such a
useful feature.

Is this something that people would want/use? If so, I'll build it. I
just didn't want to spend the time/energy if it existed already

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