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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 6 2003 8:39pm
Subject:More MySQL articles
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A short while ago I announced a couple of papers I've written on using
MySQL from Ruby programs, made available at my web site:

More recently, I've also put there a series of other MySQL-related articles
that may be of interest to some of you:

Securing Your MySQL Installation

   This article discusses how to make your MySQL installation secure
   and protect it against unauthorized access.

Writing Scripts with PHP's PEAR DB Class

   The PHP Extension and Add-on Repository (PEAR) includes a DB class
   that provides database-independent access methods for PHP scripts.
   This article surveys how to use it.

Writing MySQL Scripts with Python DB-API

   The Python DB-API module provides database-independent access
   methods for Python scripts. This article surveys how to use it.

Writing JDBC Applications with MySQL

   The Java JDBC interface provides database-independent access methods
   for Java programs. This article surveys how to use it.

Using MySQL With XML

   This article shows a few simple ways to use MySQL to perform
   XML-related tasks: Producing XML documents from query results,
   reading XML documents and extracting the contents for insertion
   into MySQL, and setting up a web-based XML data feed. The scripts
   are in Perl, but the basic ideas can be adapted to any language.

Running MySQL as a Service Under Windows NT

   Under Windows NT-based systems (NT, 2000, XP), the MySQL server
   can be run as a service. This articles describes how to install,
   remove, and control the service.

Migrating from Microsoft Access to MySQL

   This article compares Access with MySQL and outlines some strategies
   for moving your data from Access to MySQL.

Migrating from IIS to Apache

   This article discusses some reasons to migrate away from Internet
   Information Server to Apache, and suggests strategies for implementing
   such a migration.
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