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From:Nem W Schlecht Date:September 15 1999 6:35pm
Subject:MySQL and NOCOL??
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Hello all!

  I just recently set up NOCOL at my site to monitor my servers and some
workstations.  I'd like to set up the 'portmon' client of NOCOL to monitor
my MySQL servers.  Has anybody else successfully done this?  When I just
telnet to port 3306 on my MySQL servers, I just see what appears to be
random junk (3.23.2 actually *does* return the version number).  Moreover,
is there some way I can obtain some low-level status from MySQL without
having to negotiate a login?  If nothing else, I should be able to
incorporate something into the 'hostmon' client.
  I know others are using MRTG, but I'm assuming that they are running a
'show status' query or such to obtain the info for MRTG.
  Any suggestions would be appreciated! ;-)

Nem W Schlecht             schlecht@stripped
NDSU Library    
"Perl did the magic.  I just waved the wand."
MySQL and NOCOL??Nem W Schlecht15 Sep
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