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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 15 1999 6:22pm
Subject:Suggestion for submitting Doc/Manual Bugs/Errors
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>>>>> "petel" == petel  <petel@stripped> writes:

petel> Hi all,
petel> First, again my thanks to Monty and crew. What can one say !

petel> What I would like to suggest is this, a 'mailbox' for
petel> documentation errors. Just errors. The standard error
petel> reporting form is not really documentation centric.

petel> Maybe such a form for the Manual ?

petel> Just my 2 cents, now back to writing a proposal to convert
petel> a client from Oracle to Mysql, and if successful an IBM
petel> RS-6000 F20, Oracle server, Orcle NT webserver, and 8 Oracle
petel> client seats will be on E-Bay, starting bid $1.00 USD.

petel> -pete

petel> P. Lancashire
petel> PDX Engineering
petel> petel@stripped


We plan to make it possible for any users to write a comment about a
particular entry in th MySQL manual, just like as on

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