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From:Paul DuBois Date:February 4 2003 4:57pm
Subject:Re: updated MySQL book
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At 10:30 +0200 2/4/03, Lisi wrote:
>I guess this question is directed at Paul DuBois, I know he hangs 
>out on this list: Is there, or are you planning on putting out, a 
>shortened version of MySQL for people who are "upgrading" from your 
>last book?

Sorry, no.  That wouldn't really work very well.  The second edition isn't
a first edition with some new pages stuck in here and there.  True, there
are a few sections that are completely new (such as the one on FULLTEXT
searching).  But in most cases new features are related to old ones,
so the new material was woven into the existing material where it made
most sense to include it, and old material was updated or corrected
as necessary in parallel with the inclusion of the new stuff.

>  i.e. I very much want to know the differences between the older and 
>newer versions of the database, and I'd like to see what you've 
>added to your new book, but I don't really need all the intro stuff 
>all over again.

The first edition came out about the time of MySQL 3.23.3.  You can read
the change notes section of the Reference Manual to see what's new since
then.  For a more succinct description of what's new in the book, there
is a comparison page available at the companion web site:

>Any thoughts?

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