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From:Wico de Leeuw Date:September 15 1999 4:10pm
Subject:Re: [PHP3] Mysql web FE
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At 17:19 15-9-99 , pete collins wrote:

Why reivent the wheel?

PhpMyadmin has all you want...

>I just finished a web app written in php and javascript, that is a front
>end to a mysql database.
>I am sure there are lots of other programs out there like this one.
>What i would like to know would this be useful as an open source
>If so perhaps i can persuade my bosses to let me open up my code.
>I cannot just go and do it since i wrote it on their time.
>So any feedback would be appreciated that may help me to convince them.
>Please note this is a beta and there are alot of issues i still have to
>clean up as well as "look and feel"
>Also this demo is on my workstation so it may perform a little
>Pete Collins
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