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From:Ken Menzel Date:February 3 2003 3:51pm
Subject:Re: 4G file limit
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 Even if you have large file support you must tell mysql to use long
pointers when creating the table.  The way to accomplih this is to add
the MAX_ROWS table option when creating the table,  just make it a
really large number like 5000000000.  You can verify this effect by
BEFORE makeing the change, use SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'MYTABLE' .
Then look at the max_data_length column.  Before you change it will be
this 4294967295 (4.0G),  after your change it will be something like

Yes,  the error message does not make sense.  I have not had time to
build a test case to get to MySQL so they can give us a better error

See this manual page for info on create table.

You can just alter the table with this option.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: 4G file limit

> Hello,
> I am using mysql3.23.49 on openbsd3.2. I have a myisam table with 4G
> file size and now I can no longer insert records into table. My
> data partition is not full (%24 used). I have read that mysql 3.23
> supports up to 2 terabytes table size. Not so sure but I know
> file size limit is bigger than 4G. Here is my error log.
> Failed on my_net_write, writing to stderr instead: Found block with
> small length at 4294914928; Skipped
> Failed on my_net_write, writing to stderr instead: Found block that
> points outside data file at 4294915080
> Any comments?
> Thanks.
> mysql, sql
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