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From:Peter Grigor Date:February 3 2003 1:34pm
Subject:RE: When are MyIsam Tables physically updated?
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This is not so...Mysql will write out the data for MyIsam tables without
calling the operating system to do an fsync()'s up to the OS to flush
dirty pages to disk.

See under the --flush
command line parameter.


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> Subject: Re: When are MyIsam Tables physically updated?
> In the last episode (Feb 02), Clyde said:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am just trying to get a handle on when tables are physically
> > written to disk. (ignoring whatever operating system level caching
> > that may be going on)
> > 
> > IE If you do some updates/inserts to a MyIsam table and then have a
> > power failure will you ALWAYS loose those updates (Even if the power
> > failure is after say 5 minutes of inactivity on a table, assuming no
> > intervening FLUSH command), or does the server do a write to disk
> > based on some algorithm (eg low activity or Number of updates)?
> MySQL always writes MyISAM table data out immediately.  Index updates
> may be cached in ram if you have delay_key_write turned on.
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