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From:Nasser Ossareh Date:February 2 2003 9:46pm
Subject:Re: Re: last_insert_id() returns 0 in windows
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Could it be that the table types are different?

the innodb table types seem to ignore auto_increment
while MyISAM are more accommodating...  so it might be
that your table on Linux is MyISAM type while the
table on XP is Innodb type.

--- Alan <alan@stripped> wrote:
> Okay, I've seen just about every question on
> last_insert_id(), except this
> one:
> I am running MySQL on Win XP and when I generate a
> test table (test) with an
> AUTO_INCREMENT column (aid) and a second column (a)
> then use an insert
> statement like: INSERT INTO test (a) values (1);
> then: SELECT
> LAST_INSERT_ID(); I get a return value of 0.  I
> considered the fact that
> maybe my connection is closing, but when I create
> the same table on a remote
> Linux server it returns the proper AUTO_INCREMENT
> ID.  Is there a server
> variable I need to set or something that I should be
> looking for in order to
> make this work on Windows?
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