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From:LBFan9911 Date:September 15 1999 2:35pm
Subject:Help with MySQL Select Stmt
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I'm not sure if I'm posting this right, so if this is the wrong place to do 
this just delete this email.

I have a question about MySQL select statements.  I have a web site that 
interfaces with a large quantity of records.  I want to do a keyword search.  
The results I want to order in the order of how many keywords were matched.   
So if 3 keywords are entered and all three are found, it displays these 
first, then it displays the ones where less than 3 were found.

I was trying to do two searches.  One with an AND - (field1 LIKE "%keyword1%" 
&& field1 LIKE "%keyword2%").   Then I thought I would do the same type of 
SELECT using the OR function.  The problem is I get duplicates from the first 
select statement that I don't want.

Can I do something like: 
select * from my_table where field1 like "%keyword1%" && id not in (select id 
from my_table where field1 like "%keyword1%" && field1 like "%keyword2%");

I am sure there is a better way but I do not have much experience beyond the 
basic SQL statements. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jaymes H. Sorbel 
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