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From:Gerald R. Jensen Date:February 2 2003 8:21pm
Subject:Re: Windows Users FeedBack
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I don't know what percentage of MySQL users are running on Windows servers,
but I suspect it is higher than you might think. IMHO, you would also find a
number of situations where MySQL is being used on Win32 platforms for
development, while production databases are being served up on Linux, BSD,
Unix, Solaris, etc.

In our case, we have a cadre of about 90 clients running MySQL. At last
count, 85 of them were running on Win32 servers, 4 on Linux, and 1 on True64

Internally, we develop on Linux, test on Windows, and give customers the
option of server platforms when they install. At one time, we offered
customers their choice of RDBMS (M$ SQL Server 7/2000 or MySQL). A little
more than two years ago, we stopped offering the M$ servers, and have
focused all of our efforts on developing our applications to use MySQL. We
have never looked back!

Gerald Jensen

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Subject: Windows Users FeedBack


I have installed Version 4.07 gamma on a windows 2000 server.

Install went like a dream and I was up and running within a few minutes. I
have run several tests of my own using Delphi and Zeos Data base controls -
again all this works perfectly. ( I get nervous when things work this well

I have been reading the list and come to the conclusion that MySql is used
very much in a Linux/Unix web environment. I am looking at converting over
our company legacy systems (debtors, creditors, assets, etc) to MySql. (we
are a small company that would only have a maximum of 40 users logged on to
the data base)

Though everything I have tried works fine - this is only in a test
environment and not a production one. Speed and Usability are a given, my
only concern now is stability. So my questions basically are:

1. Am I on the wrong track here using MySql/Windows for these types of
2. Are there other users out there with similar usage
3. Do windows users find MySql stable - Good or bad comments  here please

Perhaps this should be another thread, but would anyone have some indication
as to what % of MySql installations are Windows based - my gut felling is
that it would be lucky to be 5% but I would sure like to know if someone has
some statistical data on this.

Clyde England

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