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From:Dan Nelson Date:February 2 2003 8:20pm
Subject:Re: When are MyIsam Tables physically updated?
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In the last episode (Feb 02), Clyde said:
> Hi,
> I am just trying to get a handle on when tables are physically
> written to disk. (ignoring whatever operating system level caching
> that may be going on)
> IE If you do some updates/inserts to a MyIsam table and then have a
> power failure will you ALWAYS loose those updates (Even if the power
> failure is after say 5 minutes of inactivity on a table, assuming no
> intervening FLUSH command), or does the server do a write to disk
> based on some algorithm (eg low activity or Number of updates)?

MySQL always writes MyISAM table data out immediately.  Index updates
may be cached in ram if you have delay_key_write turned on.

	Dan Nelson
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