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From:Clyde Date:February 2 2003 10:02am
Subject:Windows Users FeedBack
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I have installed Version 4.07 gamma on a windows 2000 server.

Install went like a dream and I was up and running within a few minutes. I have run
several tests of my own using Delphi and Zeos Data base controls - again all this works
perfectly. ( I get nervous when things work this well !)

I have been reading the list and come to the conclusion that MySql is used very much in a
Linux/Unix web environment. I am looking at converting over our company legacy systems
(debtors, creditors, assets, etc) to MySql. (we are a small company that would only have a
maximum of 40 users logged on to the data base)

Though everything I have tried works fine - this is only in a test environment and not a
production one. Speed and Usability are a given, my only concern now is stability. So my
questions basically are:

1. Am I on the wrong track here using MySql/Windows for these types of applications.
2. Are there other users out there with similar usage
3. Do windows users find MySql stable - Good or bad comments  here please

Perhaps this should be another thread, but would anyone have some indication as to what %
of MySql installations are Windows based - my gut felling is that it would be lucky to be
5% but I would sure like to know if someone has some statistical data on this.

Clyde England

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