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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 15 1999 12:28pm
Subject:MS Access & MySQL
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>>>>> "TD" == TD  <- Sales Int' Holland" <td@stripped>>
> writes:

TD> Hi there,
TD> I'm reasonably new to databases and I was wondering if something is possible.
TD> MySQL contains a database that looks like this:

TD> Your MySQL connection id is 1 to server version: 3.22.23b
mysql> describe Articles;
TD> +-----------+--------------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+
TD> | Field     | Type                     | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
TD> +-----------+--------------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+
TD> | Art_Num   | int(5) unsigned zerofill |      | PRI | 00000   |       |
TD> | Art_Sec   | text                     |      |     | NULL    |       |
TD> | Art_Name  | text                     |      |     | NULL    |       |
TD> | Art_Price | float(6,2)               |      |     | 0.00    |       |
TD> +-----------+--------------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+

TD> Now I want to make a table in access that can update this table. So if a line
> doesn't exist in the access table it will delete it from the MySQL table and if there a
> line in the Access table that isn't in the MySQL it should be added. Also I want to use a
> pulldown menu for the second row since this will be way easier and less chance for errors.
> The second column will decide in what HTML table the item will show up and there shouldn't
> be any type errors in this, but for some reason it appears that access can't write a value
> for a pull down menu to a text field. Any ideas?

TD> Kind regards,


First; PLEASE don't post messages in HTML format to any mailing list!
Many users really HATES this as this only makes our mailboxes larger
without providing more informations.


Access can't handly float() that good trough ODBC;  If you change this 
to a double it should be fine.

Another problem is that Access requeires a timestamp on all columns
(if you want to update these over ODBC).

After the above fixes, the rest shouldn't be a problem.

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