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From:Mary Stickney Date:January 31 2003 9:17pm
Subject:RE: timing
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It doesn't run over the network.
The reports are requested from a website , and a record is inserted into the
And then the reports are run local on the Production machine and then
emailed to the recipient.

At this time only 2 people order reports.

Mary Stickney
Data Warehouse Programmer
402-474-7612 x 3099

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From: David Brodbeck [mailto:DavidB@stripped]
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 3:09 PM
To: 'Mary Stickney'; mysql@stripped
Subject: RE: timing

Have you checked for network problems?  You might try FTPing a file to and
from the production server, or something similar, just to rule this out.

I've had slowness problems with various apps that were driving me *nuts*
until I found a network issue causing them.  In a few cases I had a duplex
mismatch -- an ethernet card set to full duplex connected to a half-duplex
hub/switch, or vice versa.  This results in a connection that appears fine
when you ping and works great under light traffic, but bogs down with
massive numbers of collisions as soon as you do anything that involves
moving lots of data.  The collisions may not show up in the statistics since
the end that's set to full duplex won't notice them.  Letting the card
auto-detect the duplex setting does *not* always work right...

This is a subtle, easy trap to fall into.  Easy enough that I've done it
multiple times. ;)

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> From: Mary Stickney [mailto:mary.stickney@stripped]
> Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 9:08 AM
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: timing
> I have 2 Crystal Reports 8.5 (for the record I didn't make
> these reports)
> that draw straight from the MYSQL
> database. They use only 1 table. I am calling them to print
> from VB 6.0
> Theses reports have lots of complex calculations in them,
> counts , sums and
> groups.
> My test server has the same code , same database , same indexes , same
> amount of memory as the Production server,
> My test server has MYSQL 3.23.51 and MYODBC 3.51 , and I have Crystal
> installed on my test server.
> The Production server has MYSQL 3.23 and an older version of
> MYODBC then I
> have.
> No Crystal Reports installed. And the server is a faster
> machine then mine.
> They run in 8 minutes on my test server , about 4 minutes
> each. Printing to
> a PDF driver.
> On the Production Server they take HOURS to run and print.
> Any ideas...
> Mary Stickney
> Data Warehouse Programmer
> 402-474-7612 x 3099
> Mary.Stickney@stripped
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