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From:Diana Soares Date:January 31 2003 7:41pm
Subject:Re: Newbie Q: Booleans??
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You have the BOOL type in MySQL which is a synonym for TINYINT(1). 
Maybe this is the best approach.

You may see the manual in "Column types" section.

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 11:46, David Hefford wrote:
> Have used many databases but am just getting into MySQL and am totally rapt
> about it :) I am writing a front end in realBasic that needs to be able to
> run on various backends, MySQL being the main one. All of the others have a
> boolean type of column. What is the general practice to ┬îmimic¹ a BOOLEAN
> field in MySQL? PS: I do not need NULL or date for example, I just need true
> or false, yes or no etc...
> Regards
> David Hefford
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Diana Soares

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